Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)

Cloud KMS is a cloud-hosted key management service that lets you manage encryption for your cloud services the same way you do on-premises. You can generate, use, rotate and destroy AES256 encryption keys. Cloud KMS is integrated with IAM and Cloud Audit Logging so that you can manage permissions on individual keys, and monitor how these are used. Use Cloud KMS to protect secrets and other sensitive data which you need to store in Google Cloud Platform.


API Paths

Decrypt Data (POST) /v1/{name}:decrypt OpenAPI
Destroy Key (POST) /v1/{name}:destroy OpenAPI
Encrypt Data (POST) /v1/{name}:encrypt OpenAPI
Get Key (GET) /v1/{name} OpenAPI
Get Locations (GET) /v1/{name}/locations OpenAPI
Update Key (PATCH) /v1/{name} OpenAPI
Restore Key (POST) /v1/{name}:restore OpenAPI
Update Version (POST) /v1/{name}:updatePrimaryVersion OpenAPI
List Keys (GET) /v1/{parent}/cryptoKeys OpenAPI
Create Key (POST) /v1/{parent}/cryptoKeys OpenAPI
List Key Versions (GET) /v1/{parent}/cryptoKeyVersions OpenAPI
Create Key Version (POST) /v1/{parent}/cryptoKeyVersions OpenAPI
List Key Rings (GET) /v1/{parent}/keyRings OpenAPI
Create Key Ring (POST) /v1/{parent}/keyRings OpenAPI
Get IAM Policy (GET) /v1/{resource}:getIamPolicy OpenAPI
Set IAM Policy (POST) /v1/{resource}:setIamPolicy OpenAPI
Test IAM Permissions (POST) /v1/{resource}:testIamPermissions OpenAPI